Winning a bid is easy, but winning
a bid and being profitable is difficult.

We are a professional estimating services company offering unique services to provide profit making opportunities while helping you win more jobs. We offer long term solutions that solve estimating issues for electrical, plumbing and HVAC subcontractors nationwide. We work with you as your strategic partner on each project from start to finish. We understand needs vary from client to client, therefore our strategies are tailored specifically to you. We advise you during the estimating process while leaving the controlling decisions to you.

Estimating is the foundation for all subcontractor businesses who rely on successful estimates to win projects and obtain work. We employ professional estimators trained on state-of-the-art estimating software. Accurate, detail oriented and effective estimating is vital when bidding projects. An Inaccurate take off, with incorrect labor rates and material costs will cause your bids to suffer leading to a decline in profits. We have 2 main goals for every customer we serve: Winning you projects and making you money.  We do this with our 5 point method.